Giancarlo Pozzoli
Global Head of Grafton Practice

Once upon a time I saw an advertisement for an airline company: “The sky is NOT the limit”. Very inspiring. I loved it. I made it mine, because it removes a very common idea of what the limits are. Limits exist where we put to ourselves. This is exactly what I believe in.

My core value is growth. Everything I do is dedicated to the growth of people and organizations. As a consequence of doing so, something happens: with people and organizations I grow as well, as a direct result.
Now, how do I make this practical?
- I can directly deliver coaching (executive;corporate;team), training (sales, leadership, service), head hunting, organizational consulting: all these services are addressed to lead people and companies in their growth, both at local and international level;
- For 6+ years I have been leading an international team in head hunting whose mission is to empower people and support organizations: we enable the right match candidates that aim to grow and companies that need to hire qualified managers.

My profile in a nutshell: I’ve been working in the consulting business for almost 20 years, spending most of them in the HR sector, with growing roles and responsibilities at national and international level. Proficiency in Head Hunting, Corporate & Executive & Team Coaching, Training (in Sales, Leadership and Service), Organizational Design & Consulting, Career Consulting, strategy & international management, and start-up execution.

As the saying goes: the best is yet to come.
It couldn’t be any different: it’s a matter of growth.

Giancarlo Pozzoli