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What Makes A Great Sales Manager? Insights From The SMA Sales Event

The Essentials of a Great Sales Manager

At the recent Sales Management Association (SMA) Sales Event on March 7th, a pertinent question echoed throughout the halls of Huis ter Duin: “What is the most important competency of an outstanding Sales Manager?”

In a landscape where success hinges on the prowess of sales leaders, the responses shed light on the cornerstone attributes revered by professionals in the field. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly to some, a resounding 40% of the respondents identified ‘listening’ as the single most crucial competency for an effective Sales Manager.

Listening, often undervalued in the cacophony of sales strategies and tactics, emerges as the linchpin of effective leadership in the sales domain. However, what does it truly entail?

Listening transcends mere auditory perception; it embodies the art of discerning vital information from both verbal and non-verbal cues. A great Sales Manager does not just hear what is being said; they absorb the nuances, the hesitations, and the underlying motivations behind every word spoken.

Furthermore, it is about more than passive reception; it is about active engagement. A skilled Sales Manager knows how to ask the right questions, probing deeper into responses, unraveling layers of meaning, and establishing genuine connections with clients and team members alike.

In essence, listening is not just about ears; it is about empathy, understanding, and the ability to forge meaningful relationships. Listening is the cornerstone upon which trust is built, deals are sealed, and teams thrive.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sales management, let us not overlook the transformative power of listening. For in the quietude of attentive ears lies the cacophony of success, waiting to be heard.



Sandra Kroezen is Sales Manager at Gi Group Holding NL. In the Netherlands, Gi Group Holding includes Gi Group Temp. and its sister brands Grafton and Marks Sattin. With years of experience with our clients in logistics, Sandra is the right person to help you with solutions for the staffing challenges in your logistics operation.


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